Work It Out Wednesday : Cardio

Intervals.  That’s the name of my cardio game.

For strength work, I mostly stick to barre {duh, since I own a barre studio}, but for cardio I enjoy getting outside when I can.

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I am very lucky to live right by a beautiful running trail, which I absolutely love.  It goes around a fishing lake and I see all kinds of wildlife on my runs, from turkey to deer.

Let me break it down for you, I’m not one of those people that really “enjoys” cardio per say.  I have grown to really love it now because I have figured out what works for me personally.  When you find something that you enjoy, you are more likely to stick with it.

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I have come to terms with the fact that I’m not a distance runner.  I probably could be if I trained and really wanted to, but it’s just not a goal of mine to do that.

I find that running intervals is a lot more effective for what I’m trying to accomplish, which is burn fat and build lean muscle.  When you run at a steady pace, I feel that you’re doing yourself a disservice really.  You don’t burn as many calories, you have to do it for much longer, and your body can actually hold onto fat instead of burning it.

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What I like to do : I do a run/walk combination.  I run for one minute at a hard pace and power walk for one minute at a fast pace.  The walking gives your heart rate a chance to recover slightly, so you can really push it during your next run.  Sometimes I switch it up and do 2 minute run/1 minute walk, etc etc to keep my body guessing.

I run around a smaller lake which usually takes me about 45 minutes and is 3 miles. This along with barre is the main way that I lost all of my weight gain from pregnancy.  It works, along with a healthy {balanced because I believe in enjoying yourself as well} diet.

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My body is a fat burning machine when I get my daily run in…I feel strong and healthy.  I was running about 6 days a week when I was really trying to get back to pre-baby weight, but now that I’m maintaining I’ve cut back to about 5 days a week.

Make sure you give your body at least one rest day/week as you need time to recover. Don’t run yourself into the ground or it’s more likely that you will give up.  Just stay focused on your goals and do one thing six/days per week that gets your heart rate up. Even if it’s a super quick 15 minute HIIT session..make it happen!


Try out my method for intervals and see what you think.  I got a spray tan today for my trip tomorrow and desperately need to go wash it off now.  Have an awesome Wednesday – half way through the week!


XOXO – Sara

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