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Hi friends.  Today has kind of been a lazy day for me with the kids and I’ve had a slight headache all day…bummmeerrr.  The kids are doing their quiet time right now, so I’m going to take advantage of it and do something productive with my day.

I’m going to share my top 5 picks for jeans with you.  There’s nothing better than a phenomenal pair of jeans.  Can I get an AMEN!

I think one of the sexiest things a woman {and man} can wear is a basic tee with a pair of jeans…simple and classic.  The jeans have to fit perfectly though or it’s. just. not. right.

Another thing that I love about jeans is that you can wear them over, and over, and over, and it’s totally fine.  They are a piece of clothing that you really get your money’s worth with.  Love that.

**If you’re drinking a glass of Rosé while reading this, I double dare you to take a sip every time you read the word jeans in this post.  Haha!**

Women’s Frame Le High Skinny Front Split High Waist Jeans

First of all, if you’ve never owned a pair of Frame jeans…you are seriously missing out. They are probably my favorite denim brand of all time.  The fit is phenomenal and they last a a verrry long time.  I personally have gone through quite a few pairs and even when I didn’t feel I looked my best {hello baby weight}…I always felt good in these jeans.  I’m loving the front slit detail on this pair and the high waist.  So good.

Women’s Mother The Stunner High Waist Frayed Step Hem Jeans

I love, love, love Mother Jeans. They are the softest pair of jeans that I’ve ever owned and they conform to your body really nicely. I love the darker color on these as well because you can dress them up a little and they are very slimming. Trust me, these cling to the body in all of the right places.

Women’s One Teaspoon Bandits Denim Shorts

As it is still summer, I had to throw one of my favorite pairs of shorts in here. One Teaspoon is probably my favorite shorts brand {besides Levi’s} right now. They are super short, but go down a little longer in the back to give you coverage. The nice thing about them being short in the front is that they make your legs look 10 miles long…who doesn’t love that?

Women’s Paige Hoxton High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans

These are a great option if you are looking for a classic pair of jeans…no rips or tears in sight. Paige denim fits really nice and will last you a very long time. These will not go out of style any time soon.

Women’s Ag ‘The Legging’ Ankle Jeans – Blue

These jeans are SO good. They have the perfect distressed look that looks great with a cool pair of booties and simple white tee. You can definitely nail that rocker vibe if you like to play around with that look every so often like I do.

All of the jeans that I shared are an investment, but I feel like you HAVE to invest when it comes to an amazing pair of jeans. They will not fail you and they WILL last a LONG time. I have always found that the fit and craftsmanship is MUCH better as well.

Which pair is your favorite? I hope you found a pair that spoke to you.

My youngest Demi just woke up, so it’s time to go back into mommy mode.

XOXO – Sara

SIDENOTE : I’m going to try and make this a weekly thing, where I pick out my top 5 or so favorite items from different categories.  I personally love to see other people’s favorites because you can find new ah-mazing pieces that maybe you’ve never heard of before.

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