Top 5 Picks : Athletic Shoes

I can feel fall fast approaching…a few of our trees already have the leaves changing colors.  How did this happen so quickly?!

Today I’m taking Hudson to get his Kindergarten checkup before he starts school on Thursday. He is not too thrilled about this, but I’m going to take him for a treat after which usually makes everything better..right moms?  I actually think I have more anxiety about it than he does..especially if he has to get a shot.  Oy!

On a lighter note, sticking with my weekly top 5 picks, I’m going to share my favorite picks for athletic shoes this week.

Women’s Nike Juvenate Sneaker, Black

I love this sneaker because it is sleek and simple in it’s design.  We all need a basic black pair of sneakers in our closet and these fit the bill perfectly.  They have phenomenal reviews and you won’t regret this purchase.  I personally ran my pair into the GROUND..that’s how much I wore them.

Women’s Apl ‘Techloom Phantom’ Running Shoe, Black

These bad boys are the new cool kicks on the block.  They have been seen all over the celebrity “street style” pages and fashion Instagram accounts alike.  They are super light weight, so they won’t weigh you down on your run which is always a plus.  These also have the “sock-like” affect {similar to the Nike Free}, so they really form to your foot, but still look very stylish on. These are a higher price point though, so if you have the extra $$ to shell out then these are a great pick. If not, check out the other’s that are a little easier on the budget.

Women’s Asics Gel-Kayano 24 Running Shoe, Black

If what you’re looking for is functionality then these are the shoes for you. In my opinion, Asics are not the most stylish pair of sneakers that you own, but they will be the best in performance and fit. These are always a top pick for runners and athletes alike. Like the APL’s, these are little steeper in price, so I only suggest grabbing this pair if you really plan on putting them to work and getting your money’s worth. They do make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud while running which is always a nice perk.

Women’s Adidas ‘Stan Smith’ Sneaker, White

These are my pick to get the athletic shoe look for running around town, but not necessarily for actually working out. Does that make sense? These are PERFECT for the cool-girl athleisure outfit while running to get the groceries or taking your kids to soccer practice. Going for a 10 mile run? Go with the Asics. These have a great price point right now, so they are a fun addition to your athletic shoe wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Women’s Nike Free Focus Flyknit 2 Bionic Training Shoe, Orange

These are my fun pick…I mean who can’t use ANOTHER pair of Nike’s in their closet. They never get old and there are so many color/design options to pick from. I’m loving this color combination here with the softer colors…be careful not to step in the mud though…been there, done that. I love these shoes because you can take them from the run to the grocery store and still look put together. These are at a medium price point, but have stellar reviews. They never disappoint when it comes to comfort and sustainability.

I hope that you found a pair that speaks to you…which is your favorite? I’m personally always on the lookout for another great pair of athletic shoes. Sorry, not sorry.

I’m off to take Hudson to the Dr’s appointment now…wish us luck!

XOXO – Sara

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