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Happy Monday!  I happen to love Monday’s, not only because I love what I do, but because it’s give me a fresh start every single week.  Drank too many margaritas over the weekend or overindulged a little too much?  That’s ok {forgive yourself} because Monday is your chance to start anew.

One thing that really helps me, that I wanted to share with you, is Google Calendar.  I have A LOT going on in my day-to-day life as I’m sure you all do as well.  It makes me feel so much more organized {and sane} to keep track of my life with a daily schedule.

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My favorite {and I’ve tried quite a few different routes} is definitely Google Calendar. You can download the app on your phone if you don’t already have it and pull it up on your computer after you log in to your gmail account.

I personally like the features so much more than the regular “calendar” app that’s already on my phone…I have an iPhone by the way.

Reasons why I prefer it :

Color Coding : I love how you can color code everything.  For example, you can have all business related items as blue, all personal items as pink, all kids activities as green, etc etc.  You can also hide certain categories, which makes checking your work specific schedule a snap or see what the kids have going on that week with the click of a button.

Works With Your Gmail Account : The fact that it works with your gmail account makes everything super convenient.  When I get invited to an online meeting for example, there is a button I can click that automatically adds it to my calendar.  Same thing goes for upcoming flights and restaurant reservations…no more excuses for forgetting anything!

Works With iPhone & Computer : You can pull up your calendar on both your computer and your iPhone, so you can add things anytime and anywhere depending on what you’re working on.

Reminders : You can add reminders to any upcoming event that will alert you on your phone in whatever time increment that you set {1 hr before, 1 day before, etc}.  This is great if you just so happen to forget to check your schedule on any given day.


There is SOOO much more that this app can do, so definitely play around with it, but these are just a few of my most used/favorite items.

It’s so important to plan your day out in advance, so you have a clear path set in place. This will help to keep you on track and keep your day MUCH more productive.

I personally like to plan my day out to a T…like literally every hour.  Before I go to bed, I typically take 15 minutes or so to plan out the next day.  Even if I don’t end up following it exactly, it gives me a clear vision of the main things that I need to accomplish.

Example :

8AM Wake Up – Scroll Through Social Media – Get Kids Up/Breakfast

8:30AM Drink Bulletproof Coffee

9AM Workout

10AM Shower

10:30 Work On Business Tasks

11AM Swim With Kids

12PM Eat Lunch

1PM Work On The Coco Culture

3PM Snack

4PM Family Time

7PM Dinner

8PM Put Kids To Bed/Relax/Read For At Least 30 Minutes

9PM Work On Schedule For The Next Day

9:15PM Watch Show/Movie W/ The Hubs

10:30PM Bed

Try if out for a week and see if it helps your productivity level for the weeks.  Let me know if it helped you!

It’s so nice out right now..time to go hang out by the pool with the babes.

XOXO – Sara

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