New Beauty Secret : The HydraFacial

Girrrllss! I taught a barre class this morning and it was so fun because it’s Spirit Week at our studio. Each day we have a different theme, so today was ‘On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink’. How cute is that?! All of my clients had the cutest outfits and the energy was so great today.

After I taught my class, I buzzed over to the Preventative Medical Clinic here in Omaha because I had an appointment…for a HYDRAFACIAL!

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They recently got this new machine in, so I’ve been doing all of my typical research on it to find out if it’s a good fit for me {and my friends}.

The coolest thing about this procedure is that it can be customized for any skin type…

fine lines and wrinkles…check!

elasticity and firmness…check!

even tone and vibrancy…check!

skin texture…check!

brown spots…check!

oily and congested…check!

enlarged pores…check!

I basically am a mixture of pretty much all of these, so I was excited to try it! Let me break down my appointment for you.

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I arrived at the clinic and after a super quick wait one of my favorite nurses, Crystal, came and got me.

She brought me back to a private room where the HyrdraFacial machine is and I got comfy on the spa-like chair.

She laid me back and got right to work, as I came prepared with no makeup on…I’m no amateur to beauty procedures.

It’s basically a multi-step treatment cleanse, that exfoliates and extracts to get rid of impurities and dead skin cells while at the same time quenching skin with vital nutrients like antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid. Ummm…yes please.

She started with the exfoliation and that felt similar to a microdermabrasion with two passes over the face. It’s cool because it hydrates the skin as it exfoliates.

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*The procedure is great for men too. I made my husband try it because he stopped in to see me after my appointment. It got the Justin Stamp of Approval.

Next she did two different rounds of peels that felt like little feather strokes. They were gentle peels and I could feel the slight tingle after, so I knew they were working.

Lastly, she did extractions with the machine over the t-zone area. This is where the machine sucks the hardest, but there was no discomfort. I literally have zero blackheads now and my t-zone is always the worst no matter what I’ve tried {and I’ve tried A LOT of things}….so happy!!

That was it and the coolest part..if you’re into this kind of that you can see all of the gross stuff the machine sucked up at the end. Such a great feeling to know how clean and refreshed you are.

The whole appointment took about 25 minutes and went super quick…best of all it was totally pain-free. You also get immediate and long-lasting results..I couldn’t believe how good my skin looked right after.

She told me that they suggest to come in once a week for the first month to get your skin to it’s prime and then you can come in once/month for maintenance.

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I will most definitely being following this advice after seeing how unbelievable my skin looked immediately following the appointment.

Let me know if you’ve tried a HydraFacial before or if you have a favorite beauty secret of your own?

Justin and I are headed to the lake now to get some wake boarding in tonight! I’ve missed the lake since we were in Chicago last weekend.

XOXO – Sara

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