My Favorite Margarita Recipe

It’s Friday!!  Whoop whoop!  Justin and I are headed out to the lake here in a bit to spend the evening with friends.  We plan to go on the boat and then head to the restaurant for a yummy dinner.  This brought me to think about what I wanted to drink on the boat…boating and drinking kind of go hand in hand….and I decided on margaritas {duh}.

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My husband and I both LOVE margarita’s, but there are so many different variations out there.  He likes his with no salt and I like mine with….backwards right? I don’t like a ton of salt, but I do like to take a teeny, tiny lick before each drink.  The flavors of the margarita really come out with a little bit of salt…you don’t need much to accomplish this.

I have a favorite recipe that I always make at home and that’s what I’m going to share with you today.  Be warned, it’s pretty strong {and tasty which is a lethal combo}, so it’s definitely great for sipping…no chugging allowed.

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Favorite Margarita Recipe :

1 Cup Silver Tequila {pick your favorite}

1 Cup Triple Sec

1/2 Cup Rose’s Lime


Salt for Rim of Glass {optional}

Fill a pitcher with lots of ice.  Pour in the correct amounts of tequila, triple sec, and Rose’s Lime Juice.  Stir.  Pour into a salt-rimmed glass {if desired} and squeeze in a fresh lime wedge or 2.  Enjoy!

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Out of all of the margarita’s that I’ve tried over the years..this is definitely my favorite.  It goes down easy and is the perfect summer cocktail while lounging by the lake or pool, if you ask me.

Tequila always makes for the life of the party too.  I feel that it puts people in a good mood…”dance floor here we come” kind of mood.  I’m not mad about that.

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I’m laughing in this picture because my bulldog, Blue, literally started to pee two feet away from me while we were taking these. REALLY!?  Marking your territory much. Lol

Cheers!  Let me know if you try it…I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I’ve got to pack up my weekend bag now.  I hope you all have fun plans for this weekend. We have to make the most of our last few weekends of summer…am I right?

XOXO – Sara

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