How To Remove Oil Stain From Silk

Don’t even ask why I’m posting this immediately after wearing a full silk outfit…..ughhhhhh.  Yes, this happened to me RIGHT as I was walking out the door to pick up my friend to head to Omaha Fashion Week.

Perfect Outfit…Check.

Right as I’m doing my final once over in the mirror before heading out the door..I decided that I needed to add grape seed oil to my arms for some moisture.  BIG MISTAKE. Literally, the one time I DON’T recommend using oil in replacement of lotion. Of course as I’m doing a hurry…I splatter a big ‘ol blob right on the front of my pants.


8:25 5

Full panic mode sets in.

Not only am I already about 5 minutes late picking up my friend, which already gives me anxiety because I HATE to be late, but I don’t have a backup outfit.  My husband tries his best to calm me down and proceeds to tell me that “it’s not that noticeable”.  Just what we want to hear right ladies?

8:25 3

In the end…I weigh out my options and decide to go with F*ck It.  I’m wearing this beautiful silk pant set, stain and all.

I go pick up my friend and we head downtown.  She has to show a condo {she’s a real estate agent and head of Milford Real Estate Group here in Omaha #girlboss} quick before we head to get a bite to eat.  While I wait in the car, I put my google skills to work to find out if there is a fast {and easy} way to get oil out of silk.

8:25 6

There’s all kinds of different ways apparently…most involving dish soap, water, drying, etc…..this girl did not have time for any of that.  And then….

BABY POWDER.  YES, I SAID BABY POWDER popped up as a solution.  The heavens opened…ahhhhh.  Too bad I don’t carry baby powder on me….so, with a few minutes to kill, I buzz over to the nearest Walgreens and buy some.

It’s like magic people.  I put a little in my hand and ever so gently dabbed it on the oil stain.  I let it sit there for about 15 minutes and then gently patted the excess off.

Boom.  No more oil stain.  The baby powder works by soaking up all of the oil.  Bye-bye stain.

Now I do want to say that I felt comfortable trying this trick because my silk pants were a blush color.  I’m not sure if I would test this on black silk when in a hurry, but light colors  I say go for it.  It works!!

8:25 4

Needless to say, I was extremely happy because now I wouldn’t have to worry about strategically holding my bag in front of my pants all night.  Thank god.

Have you guys ever had a similar fashion disaster happen to you?  It really is the worst…especially when it happens right when you’re supposed to be walking out the door.  Lesson learned….do not apply grape seed oil while WEARING a silk outfit.  Duh.

8:25 2

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend.  My husband and I are going to Finale Night of Omaha Fashion Week on Saturday with another couple, so stay tuned for the RECAP post next week.

XOXO – Sara

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