Fitness : How To Make It Your Lifestyle

Hi babes!  Hudson did SOOO good at his Kindergarten drop off this morning. {#proudmom} Now I officially have a 6th grader, a 3rd grader, and a kindergartener…wowza.  It felt very quiet in my house today and I’m not quite used to it yet, but it sure makes for a killer blog writing environment.

Today I wanted to discuss fitness and how I feel about making it a part of your overall lifestyle.  The best thing that you can do for yourself is to make working out a part of your everyday life, instead of making it feel like an unwelcome chore.

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Schedule your workouts just like you would anything else and DON’T CANCEL on yourself.  That’s the biggest thing…you are the only one responsible for holding yourself accountable.  If you want to see a change, you have to take action.  Period.  And no I’m not talking next Monday…I’m talking TODAY.

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I personally like to set my scheduled workout time in the morning, so I make sure to get it in.  Sometimes when I try to do it at night, we just have to much going on with the kids and it just doesn’t end up happening.  Do what works best for you though…work all day, schedule your workouts in the early morning {you will get used to it, trust me}…have crazy mornings taking your kids to school, schedule your workout in the early afternoon. Just schedule it.

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If you go to a studio for classes {like The Barre Code for example}, a great tip is to schedule your classes for the entire week in advance on whatever app they use.  If you have to change something, go ahead, but this is a great tool to set goals for the week.  It also helps to hold yourself accountable and it’s a great visual tool for you to see exactly what you have planned for the entire week.  I do this for all of the classes that I take.

When you make fitness a priority in your life and it becomes a routine….BAM…it no longer feels like a chore that you dread.  It just feels like part of your life…like eating and sleeping.

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I workout about 6 days per week and don’t feel right if I miss a day.  I promise you that if you stick with it, there’s a really great chance that you will actually grow to love it like I do.  Now I don’t always LOVE it in the middle of really hard HIIT session or hard set, but I LOVE the feeling that I have when I’m done.  It just makes you feel amazing, so, to me, that makes it worth it.

It’s like the saying : “It may not always be easy, but it’s always worth it.”  This is so true and fitting, especially when it comes to health and fitness.  Do the work and the results will come.  It’s as simple as that…no magic pill or diet needed.

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For those of you that love to workout already; do you schedule your workouts as well? Do you have any tip or tricks that I should know about?

My mom is actually in town today, so I’m off to meet her for happy hour.  The weather is PERFECT for a glass of rosé on a patio somewhere and some much needed catching up with my momma.

XOXO – Sara

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