Favorite On-The-Go Healthy Snack

Happy Eclipse Day!  The eclipse already happened here in Omaha with about 98% coverage.  My husband and I sat outside together to watch it with our super {not} stylish sunnies. It was very cool to see something that you know will only happen once in your lifetime.  It didn’t get nearly as dark here as I thought it would..I was expecting a black-out and it was still pretty light outside. Where did you guys watch it from and what did you think?

Yesterday, I did a snap {follow me on snapchat : @thecococulture} of me eating one of my favorite snacks while on-the-go.  They are super convenient to take with you and I always have couple floating around in my purse.

They are the individual packs of Justin’s Almond Butter and my favorite kind is the Honey flavor.  They are so. freaking. good.

Literally all I do is tear off the corner and eat it straight from the packet.  The almond butter is so tasty on it’s own that it’s not necessary to pair it with anything.  I love this because most of the time I forget to grab anything at all….let alone two things.

When I go to the store, I buy a whole bunch of the individual packets and throw a few at a time into my purse. These have saved me SO many times from making a poor choice…like say pulling into a drive thru for example.

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Some of you may be scared by the high calorie intake at about 190 a pop, but just remember that you are eating the GOOD kind of healthy fat which actually aids in burning fat. There are zero carbs and a combination of protein, fat, and fiber which will keep you full for hours.  Who doesn’t love that and the fact that it actually tastes really yummy too is an added bonus.

There has been numerous studies done showing that people that have a super low fat diet actually lose less weight than people that have a moderate fat diet.  It’s also been proven that if you eat healthy fats, it helps to burn the fat in stubborn places..such as belly fat.  How can this be possible?  Almonds actually contain compounds that limit the amount of fat stored by the body…pretty cool right?

Did I hear someone say PORTION CONTROL…yesss!  Another reason why I love the individual packets is because I don’t have to hassle with pre-measuring anything.  These are perfectly pre-proportioned single (2 Tbsp) servings.  I do recommend that you stick with one packet per day, so you don’t overdo it.

If you prefer something to eat along with your almond butter…here a few great options to pair it with…bananas, apples, celery sticks, add to oatmeal or smoothie, etc..

While Justin’s Almond Butter w/ Honey is definitely my favorite on-the-go snack for it’s convenience…here are a few more options to grab when you’re running around town :

-handful of almonds

-beef jerky

-protein bar {I really like KIND bars}

-mozzarella stick


Always estimate how long you’ll be gone and when in doubt throw a healthy snack in your purse.  Let me know if you’ve tried this trick before and I hope my suggestions help!

It’s about that time to go get the kiddos from school.  Ayla officially started preschool today, so I’m interested to see how that went.  Fingers crossed!!

XOXO – Sara

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