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Ok, girls, lets talk bronzers.  We all know that I love a good bronzer as I live for a little contour action. Today I’m going to share one of my favorites with you and I’ve gone through quite a few to find this one.  I used to LOVE Benefit Cosmetics Hoola bronzer and I still really like it, but I’ve recently found a new love.  I do still recommend trying out Hoola though if you haven’t because it looks good on most skin tones.

My new favorite bronzer is Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer – Perfect Tan Tantric.  It’s a very large compact with a huge mirror and the perfect color of bronzer to really carve out your face without looking muddy.  I love that it doesn’t have the shimmer factor to it because I don’t like that for my contouring bronzers.

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I use this product under my cheekbones, on my nose, along my jawline, and along the top of my forehead.  Basically all around the outside of my face.  I also like to go under the tip of my nose and along the sides…it’s like an instant nose job because it creates the perfect shadows to make your nose appear smaller.  If you haven’t tried this trick, definitely play around with it sometime and see what you think.  That’s I love makeup because there is so much you can do and it’s not permanent.   Don’t like it?  Wipe it off!

This is a microfine powder making it super easy to get that flawless finish and the color will look good on a ton of different skin tones.  It has a nice matte finish as well which I look for in a good bronzer….no shine please.

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The perfect contour really can add so much to your look and it’s all about trial and error. Once you get it, you will know because your face will look flawless and amazing….especially in pictures.  There is a fine line though…you don’t want to overdo it and make it look obvious…subtlety is key.

Do you have a favorite bronzer that you currently use?

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We spent the day in NYC at the park and then went to the Central Park Zoo with the kids. It was fun…our favorite part was the giant grizzly bear that came right up by the glass. Oh and a giant rat ran over my foot there too…so there’s that.

Have an awesome Thursday night.

XOXO – Sara

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  1. That bronzer is gorgeous! I typically go for bronzers that are a little more sheer, mainly because I haven’t fully got the hang of it… Right now I am loving the Pixi+ MaryamNYC Strobe and Chisel Palette!

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