Favorite Binge-Worthy TV Show : Younger

Another Monday!  I hope you all had a fun and productive weekend.

I had a great time at the lake with the fam, fun in the sun never gets old.  On Sunday I took my staff on a river float as a thank you for all of their continued hard work at the studio.  If you’ve never tubed down a river with a really fun group of friends…I highly suggest it if you have that sort of thing near you.  If you would like to hear more about that, let me know!

Today, I wanted to share my most binge-worthy TV show of the moment.  It’s called Younger and it is literally the BEST tv show {that is scripted} that I have watched in a long time.

Mostly, I stick to the typical, mindless reality shows like Real Housewives, Survivor, or Big Brother, if I’m bored and just want to be entertained for a bit.  However, it’s nice to watch a very well written sitcom for a change of pace.

Let me break it down for you :

It’s about a 40-something year old woman that’s newly separated from her husband.  She gave up her career as a young woman to raise their daughter and take care of the household.  When she tries to get a job in publishing {again} they turn her down mostly due to age and lack of recent work experience, having been out of the workforce for so long.

The main character, Liza and her very entertaining roommate come up with a plan to lie about her age and WALAH she gets the job.  The rest of the show is basically about her navigating as a 40 year old woman pretending to be a 26 year old…it’s really great.

There’s a lot of romance drama {hello young, cute love interest vs older, very handsome boss}, friend drama, work drama and fun along the way.  This is one of those shows that has me yelling at the TV screen or literally laughing out loud.

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The writing on this show keeps me wanting more and I have to say that I’m loving the return of Hilary Duff.  I can remember watching her as a kid, so it’s fun to see how much she’s grown as an actress.

Surprisingly, Younger is actually a TV Land series…I don’t think I’ve ever watched a series created by them before, but they have really stepped up their game as a network.  I want MORE shows like this one.

I binge-watched the first three series on Hulu and now have added the 4th series to my DVR list of shows to record.  The newest series is currently on once/week on TV Land, so after you binge-watch the first three series {like I did}, you can start recording it weekly.

It’s a great show to get your mind of the hustle & bustle of every day life.  Sometimes you need that little break from reality..sort of like reading a really good book, which I also love to do.

Do you guys have any really good binge-worthy shows that I should check out.  Now that I’m all caught up on Younger I need a new one!

My five year old, Hudson, starts Kindergarten on Thursday, so I have been an emotional wreck this week!  Another one of my babes is growing up TOO fast!  I’m trying my best to get extra cuddles with him in the meantime {while he’ll still let me}.  Have an awesome week babes.

XOXO – Sara



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