Dining Out : Favorite Spot for a Quick Bite

Happy hump day! I wanted to share my favorite type of restaurant to stop at for a quick bite. When you are running around town all day, it’s nice to stop quick and refuel with something yummy. My absolute favorite place to stop at quick is a good Mexican restaurant. Margaritas and Guac anyone? I feel that I’m definitely not alone in this.

I’m in NYC with the hubs and two of our kids, Hudson and Ayla, which has been a blast. Today we took them to get bagels for breakfast and then walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. By the time we finished with that {everything takes WAY longer with the little ones} we were all starving again, so Justin and I decided to take the kids to one of our favorite little spots in Soho called Dos Caminos.

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When I’m worn out, hungry and just want a quick bite, I always go for Mexican. There’s just something comforting about really good guac (I prefer the chunky kind) with chips and a classic margarita on the rocks with salt. This is obviously not what I go for to be super healthy, but like I said, 80/20 people. Be 80% good and then 20% bad…LIVE YOUR LIFE. This will keep you from constantly derailing and will also keep you from feeling guilty about what you eat.

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We get the same thing every single time we go…just like with most restaurants…we know what we like!

LARGE order of guacamole with chips {sometimes we’ll even order two if the portions are really small}
Margaritas on the rocks with salt {Justin likes his without salt}
Tacos {we switch up the meats depending on what we feel like}
Side of black beans

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We prefer not to go to the super large chain restaraunts. Instead we look for quaint little places that are cozy with a good vibe. That’s why we really like Dos Caminos in Soho because the energy is really great there. PLUS they have an awesome patio..the weather is literally PERFECT in NYC right now.  Fall is my favorite time to come here.

Downfall to sitting on the patio…birds. are. everywhere. Funny story, during our quick bite, both Justin and I got pooped on. AHHHH! I felt a splat on my hand and then we looked over at Justin and he had a HUGE spat on his sleeve. HAHAHA! Mine was easy to clean up, but Justin’s, not so much. Hey, I hear that’s really good luck…right? Right?! Double luck for us I guess!

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We are going to take the kids for Chinese in China Town tonight to see their older brother Noah {which is Justin’s son from a previous marriage}. He lives in Brooklyn and is the main reason that we come to NYC so often.  It’s always really great to catch up with him and let the little ones have quality time with him as well.

I hope your week is going well so far. What’s your favorite type of restaurant to go to when you just want something quick?

XOXO – Sara

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