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Happy Saturday babes. I hope you’re enjoying your day. We are still in Chicago and had a blast our first day of Lollapalooza. We are going again here in a bit.

I wanted to share an easy tip to keep your diet in check while dining out. I believe in enjoying yourself and dine out at least one to two times each week.

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The Key to not overeating or throwing your healthy lifestyle off track….SPLIT YOUR MEALS WITH WHOEVER YOU ARE WITH. I’m telling you, this will give you perfect portions.

My husband and I do this every single time we go out to eat and I always leave full and satisfied. It’s a well known fact that the portions in America are HUGE. I think this plays a very big role in the obesity epidemic here.


In Europe, the portions are MUCH smaller…I wish America would get on board with this.

We like to order an appetizer, salad, and then pick one entree that sounds good to both of us. This is also fun because you get to try several things off the menu. Variety is always appreciated.

Try this tip next time you go out to dinner and slash your calorie intake in half! I’m actually not into the whole calorie counting thing, but just eat mindfully instead.

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I love doing this though and I think it’s definitely helped me lose all of my baby weight while still getting to enjoy myself with meals out.

I never leave a restaurant feeling so full and miserable because I overate. It’s the best.

We just ate lunch at Siena Tavern here in Chicago. It was SO good. Burrata…mmmmmmm.

Now I’m off to day 2 (and final day for us) to Lollapalooza. Enjoy your day!

XOXO – Sara

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